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By: Dr. Mark Force, DC

 Historical Background

Salt has had considerable importance to civilizations in the past. Salt has been used as currency, wars have been fought over control of salt supplies, and salt has been taxed heavily by some countries (the salt tax in France may have brought on the French Revolution). Roman soldiers were given a salt ration that was considered vital to their ability to fight. Roman generals knew that their men had to have salt for strength, endurance, intelligence, and courage. Today, animal breeders know the vital importance of salt and always make sure that it is available to their animals. Athletes know how important salt is to their performance and ability to recuperate after exercise. Yet, salt has been labeled as a health hazard; the cause of high blood pressure, heart attacks, and strokes. Many doctors today recommend not using salt at all.

Salt Today

The salt that you use today is not at all the same salt of yesterday. If you use standard table salt, you are causing an imbalance in your system between the different types of electrolytes (sodium, potassium, magnesium, and chloride). The charge in electrolytes provide the spark that powers the cells of your body, allowing the transport of nutrients into your cells and the elimination of waste products from them. Without electrolytes there is no circulation, muscle contraction, or even nerve function. The right salts used in the right ways are the greatest inhibitors of aging; cell repair and rejuvenation depend upon adequate salt (saline solution). Standard table salt upsets the balance and causes abnormal function throughout your body. This is true even for salt bought at the health food store. One of the problems with salt is that by the time you get it, all of the wonderful minerals that were present originally have been extracted to be used in the chemical industry. For instance, the salt industry removes the magnesium prior to selling it for consumption because the magnesium is used in making explosives. The selling of minerals to chemical plants is more profitable to the salt industry than the sale of the salt to you. Yet, historically, salt making was considered an art; the most distinguished artisans being the Celts. The Celtic peoples were a very innovative race that dominated nearly all of Western Europe at one time. They perfected the methods of salt making through the use of evaporation ponds and based much of their trade on selling and controlling salt. The last remaining Celtic salt flats are in Brittany, France. The approximately 9,000 acres are a national preserve. Here water is channeled in to shallow, clay-lined ponds where sun and wind evaporate the water and the salt crystals that settle to the bottom of the pond are harvested with wooden rakes. Other than some sun drying at this point, no other processing is done. This rich Celtic salt has 84 different elements that are not present in regular salt (such as iodine, zinc, magnesium, manganese, and chromium).

Possible Signs or Symptoms of Natural Salt Deficiency

• Brittle bones and osteoporosis • Abnormal mineral deposits in tissues (arteriosclerosis, cataracts, kidney stones) • Malabsorption of nutrients from food • Abnormal muscle function such as cramping, spasm, and chronic tension (includes heart function) • Poor glandular function including the adrenals, thyroid, and male or female organs) • Poor nerve function • Kidney problems • Edema • Incontinence • Chronic back pain • Poor circulation • Heaviness or fluid in the lungs • High or low blood pressure • Sugar craving • Joint stiffness • Heart burn and/or sour stomach • Masculinization of females and feminization of males • Tendency towards addictions • Depression • Low sperm count or female infertility • Chronic urinary tract infections • Constant urination and/or profuse sweating • Constipation • Lack of appetite • Gas, bloating, and indigestion • Eating raw foods causes stomach pain • Menstrual irregularities • Decreased sexual desire • Low stomach hydrochloric acid • Marked fatigue • Anorexia • Nausea • Abdominal cramps • Insomnia

Dietary Use of Celtic Salt

Use Celtic salt on foods as you would regular salt. The type that you want to use for this purpose is the light gray Celtic salt. You may find it to be stronger than regular salt and may not need to use as much. Some people find that they crave the salt once they taste it and start using it quite heavily for a while, then taper down. This is probably the body realizing that the use of this salt will replenish its mineral balance. Cook the salt as little as possible. Add to food at the end of cooking or, best, at the table. This salt brings the flavor out of foods whereas the use of regular salt deadens the sense of taste. Men seem to need more salt than women. During puberty, pregnancy, and menopause women have increased need for iodine and may benefit from using more salt at these times. Vegetarians also have a greater need for salt than anyone as it helps with the digestion of vegetables. Often, vegetarians have trouble with gas and bloating that can be eliminated with the use of quality salt. The iodine in natural salt seems to be better utilized and tolerated than the iodine found in other from other sources. Celtic salt fortifies the body when it is under increased stress (aids the function of the adrenal glands). Many people find that they are calmer, stronger, and have more courage. Many people notice being clearer headed when using this salt. The salt can even be used to help a person recover more quickly from shock.

Supplemental Use of Celtic Salt

You can supplement your diet with the light gray celtic salt to build up the minerals in your body more quickly than is possible by using salt only in your diet. This wouldn’t be necessary if we had always eaten whole foods and natural salt. The use of refined foods depletes the minerals that your body needs to function optimally. Take 1/4 – 1 teaspoon of salt in water or dilute juice once or twice a day. The salt is very cleansing, and you may have symptoms related to your body cleansing itself. These symptoms may include nausea, fatigue, rashes, flu-like symptoms, and others. This cleansing process is very beneficial to your health in the long run, but if they become too uncomfortable, decrease the amount of salt that you are using. Taking too much salt may make you feel over stimulated, nervous, or compulsive.

Bathing and Washing with Celtic Salt

Celtic salt is wonderful for your skin, and there is considerable absorption through your skin of the minerals in the salt. Most people will feel a marked improvement in their energy, decreased tension, and improved skin tone and complexion when using salt baths. The ideal is to buy the bath salt, as it can be bought in large quantities and is cheaper than the standard light gray. Use approximately four pounds in a large tub of tepid water. This is a large amount of salt but is the best concentration to force the minerals across your skin and into your system. If the water is too hot it will actually leach minerals from your body; tepid water allows better absorption of the minerals in the salt. Brushing your skin with a vegetable bristle brush before the bath will dilate your pores and also aid the mineral absorption. Don’t rinse after the bath, but only lightly towel yourself dry. The best time to use the bath is in the AM as it can be too invigorating and prevent you from sleeping when used at night. Washing your face with Celtic salt dissolved in water can be wonderful for clearing your complexion. It is very useful for chronic acne and a blotchy complexion. Wash your face with the salt-water solution and let it dry. Brushing your teeth with a mixture of Celtic salt and baking soda will improve the health of your gums, keep your teeth free of tartar, and brighten your teeth.

Types of Celtic Salt

• Light gray – the standard salt; for use on foods and as a supplement • Flower of the ocean – delicate, feminine; balances female hormonal levels • Marine matrix – seawater solution replenishes extracellular fluid, restores mineral balance • Bath – unwashed light gray salt; cheaper than the standard light gray when used for bathing The light gray and flower of the ocean salt is stocked in the office. You can order the marine matrix and bath salt from The Grain and Salt Society (800.867.7258). I highly recommend that you use the salt with a salt grinder. These are available at the office. You can use a standard salt grinder from culinary supply stores. The high moisture content of Celtic salt, however, tends to clog the works. The grinder we sell is designed for use with the Celtic salt and has a ceramic grinding surface that does not clog and works beautifully. About Dr Mark Force: Dr.Mark Force is a chiropractic physician and author of Choosing Health For more info visit http://www.theelementsofhealth.com/ Elements of Health …Natural & Functional Healthcare 8711 E. Pinnacle Peak Scottsdale, Arizona 85255 480-563-4256 mforce@mac.com