Simple Ways to Keep Your Brain Alert and Your Body Energized

Sep 16, 2009 by

photolibrary_rf_photo_apple_and_peanut_butter Many times throughout the week we can hit a wall, and feel sluggish and tired. Here are some different foods to beat that feeling and stay energized and refreshed. By Janet Winters Have you ever felt just sluggish, like your brain and body are not up to par? There are simple things you can do on a daily basis to make sure your body responds at peak performance in every situation. First you want to make sure that you are getting enough rest, that means not too much nor to little. Usually 6-8 hours is sufficient but other factors will weigh into this such as your diet and daily activities. Of course it is good to eat healthy but what are some of the foods that are not only the healthiest but have the highest energy level? 1. Almonds 2. Hard-Boiled Eggs 3. Peanut Butter 4. Trail Mix 5. Orange Juice 6. Manhattan Clam Chowder 7. Beans 8. Pumpkin Seeds 9. Watermelon 10. Lean Roast Beef 11. Peanut Buttered Apple 12. High Protein Energy Bars 13. Kashi Cereal with Fruit 14. Energy Smoothie 15. Cheerios with Fresh Fruit 16. Handful of Soy Nuts 17. A Cup of Berries 18. Cocoa 19. Cucumbers 20. Any food with its natural water source still in it i.e. lettuce etc These foods listed above are all very high when it comes to energy, but the number one necessity that will make your body's energy last longer and brain work quicker is water. Water is gasoline for the body it is proven that your body consist of over 65% water. Every day the water in our body is flushed out through one or more ways that body chooses to dispose of it. Sweating and using the restroom are the most common ways, but the fact remains that this H2O must be replaced. Try to drink a minimum of 8-10 glasses per day of water and you not only feel an immediate effect your energy will sky rocket. Article Source: