The Power of Forgiveness and Love for Christmas

Dec 26, 2011 by

The Power of Forgiveness and Love for Christmas

By: Brydon Shaun

After growing up not celebrating Christmas, due to the choices and beliefs that where extended into my upbringing, there has often been awkwardness and a somewhat weird and strange underlying disassociation within me about Christmas. Thankfully after a few years of searching for the meaning behind the meaning of life and the Life within The Life, I have been shown a liberating, all encompassing, awesome truth that has given me reason and cause to unmistakably celebrate Christmas this year with a heart full of eternal joy, thanksgiving, and freedom. My celebration does not consist of the commercialized aspects and mascots that everyone has become a custom too, however there has been a shift within me in relation to the whole commercialized drama of Christmas that plays out each year and that shift is that I no longer find my self judging any aspect of it. I truly believe that this position of non-judgment has allowed me to witness something beautifully subtle and that is the genuine open kindness, love, thanksgiving and inner light that everyone exudes and expresses during this season regardless of race, religion, or creed. Of course, it is likely that this spirit and energy has always been present during the Christmas season, but what I find interesting is that I am able to witness this aspect and I believe that it is due to living and seeing with forgiveness as opposed to judgment.


An even more exciting experience for me is that the inner joy and happiness that arises in me when I silently focus my attention and thoughts on the Inner meaning Christmas. Obviously the outer story is about the birth of baby Jesus is great in itself simply because Jesus is one of the greatest individuals that has ever walked this Earth and he still continues to guide and assist mankind today from the ascended state when ever mankind is present enough to be calm, quiet, and invite The presence of Jesus Christ to flood their consciousness and lives. That is cause enough to celebrate a birthday just from that perspective alone, and when the inner meaning of Christmas is added it truly elevates this world event into a grand synchronization and inner attunement to the greatest and most wonderful awesome truth that awaits of all mankind to accept and embrace and that is a celebration of the birth of The Christ Light that is on the altar of each and every human heart on this planet. This is a time to celebrate with unlimited knowingness and joy of the truth that there is the seed of Christ Light within all of humanity and that by preparing our own lives, hearts, and consciousness for the celebration of the birth of Christ within, is indeed a great service that we can do for ourselves and all of our fellow brothers and sisters in Christ as that will grow the intensity of the Christ Within All to shine out into this world, world-wide and beyond! Not to forget the awesome incredible harmony and love that will exude through you as a result of this.

One might ask, how does one grow and expand this seed of Christ? The answer is simple, treat with the same Love and care that you would if it where a new born baby and give it all of your love. This seed of Christ needs to be fed with our own love and attention so if you can sit at least three times a day with a calm mind and emotions and pour out unconditional eternal forgiveness to all things, conditions and people everywhere and then enter into the awe and beauty of seeing and feeling the radiance of the Christ within this will do amazing wonders and bring miracles into your experience that will transcend words.

I am Glowing with Gratitude and Joy form this awesome experience of Christmas. May all who read this be blessed with God’s Infinite and Divine Love through the Christ Light within their hearts Now and forevermore and know that the Christ within is the Giver of every good and wonderful thing that we could ever desire that it hold all the limitless Divine Love, Wisdom and Power to guide and mold our lives to be the perfection that we desire.


                                                In Love and Adoration to the Light of Christ within!