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By: Laura Pieratt Energy is a massive, yet subtle, movement of Source into matter. Energy healing is a way of transferring energy from one causation (intention) to another that may be more in harmony with the body’s total wellness. At deep unconscious levels we carry worry, fear, shame, guilt, indecision, stress, anxiety, etc, which create a low vibration, slow and dense, effectively clogging the energy pathways, resulting in physical and emotional distress and symptoms. The more we allow this process to continue, the greater the density accumulated. The greater the density accumulated, the more impact one will have at the densest levels of matter in the energy bodies – the physical level. Energy healing helps clear these blockages and reestablish optimal flow and function of the energy of Source at a more appropriate vibration for the body/mind/emotions to reestablish harmony. Energy bodies interpenetrate one another, the densest most inner layer being the physical, the emotional field is next, then the mental, with the outer most and lightest field being the spiritual layer. One has an opportunity to notice through intuition, meditation, reactions and patterns, the messages of the body-mind-spirit connection and tend to these issues immediately at a lighter energetic spiritual level – the ideal being expressed by the statement "let go, let God", reflecting trust in the Universe to support you. If one does not heed messages at that level, it becomes clearer and harder to miss by activating the mental body with repetitive or painful negative thoughts and beliefs that are not supportive of the highest and best expression of the current situation. Ignoring the issue and messages at the mental body will generate activity at the emotional body. One suddenly has reactions and over reactions. Anxiety, anger, frustration, control issues, blaming others, despair and depression are classic signs of imbalance that are manifesting in the emotional or "feeling body", clear signs that something is amiss! At this point, the messages are loud and clear. Your body/mind (lifestyle/actions/thoughts) is not in alignment with your Spirit, your higher consciousness that knows and communicates when you are living your personal Truth through feelings of love and joy, peace and harmony. Therefore, you have the opportunity to stop and take notice, change your thinking, actions and life circumstances to bring them into alignment with what you KNOW at a deeper level is right for you. If these messages are ignored, the energy will densify further and give you clearer signals as physical pain or disease. This will hopefully get your attention and initiate a search for clues to return to alignment. If treated only with medications, but no attempt to look for the root cause or issues that are out of alignment with your truth, you will add more messages at the physical, emotional and mental levels until you are forced to stop and reevaluate your life. Some people call this point a dark night of the soul, a wake-up call or a mid-life crisis. In any case it is an opportunity to begin to reevaluate your life in a greater perspective – to look at the bigger picture. You are are spiritual being living a human life. Your spirit can only be ignored for so long before you will be, gently at first and more intensely eventually, reminded that you are here to remember how to live a loving, peaceful and compassionate life as part of ALL THAT IS. You are ONE with a continuous steam of Universal consciousness that includes all creation – plants, trees, animals, minerals, physical and non-physical on the planet and beyond. How and when each person wakes up to their greater truth of Oneness and Unity with all life is a unique and individual journey. Some will have a profound "Ahaaa!" moment and transform instantly, often due to the loss (of a loved one, job, house or marriage), a health crisis or even a near death experience. Others will take a slower route. Some approach this journey consciously as "seekers" and others just stumble along with life seeming to happen to them. In truth we all create our life experiences either consciously or unconsciously. The good news is that if you do not like your life there is a great deal you can do about it! Awareness of your current thoughts, feelings, beliefs and energy patterns present a great beginning to create a life of experiences you prefer. All experiences are useful as lessons, but you can certainly increase your percentage of preferred experiences of love, joy and fulfillment though conscious awareness. There are many readily available and diverse spiritual tools to work with on your journey to healing yourself and consciously creating a life you desire. With a little searching through book stores or the internet, you will find a person, book, class, exercise, practice, tool or energy work that feels just right to you. Why not jump into the greatest adventure of all with the clear intent that you will enjoy learning more about WHO YOU REALLY ARE and WHY YOU ARE REALLY HERE. It is the journey of a lifetime and well worth the effort. Eventually, what seems like discipline and practices will start to feel down right magical as you embrace the flow of life and feel the synchronicity of the Universe reach out to support you. When you place your energy and attention into positive creations of conscious intent and desire, many blessings will unfold as your new norm. Abundance will show up as better health, wonderful new friends that support your better choices and higher consciousness, new opportunities and inspired ideas. Greater all around prosperity, fulfillment, peace and joy will be your reward on your journey to Light, Wellness and Remembering! Please visit http://laurapieratt.com/Energy_Healing/Podcasts/Podcasts.html for Laura Pieratt's free podcast downloads.