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By Maddie Santiago

Go Pure Pod PackageGo Pure Pet Product Package

Go Pure Water Purifier- 2 for 30$

The Go Pure Water Purifier is a small pod that you can toss into any cup, bottle, or jug of water. When the pod comes in contact with water, the variety of negatively and positively charged components act as a magnet to pull in the opposite charged impurities in the water. The porous ceramic center of the pod then purifies the water by absorbing impurities. To name few of these impurities, they could be nitrates, chlorine, fluoride, e. coli, or metals such as arsenic, lead, or mercury.

The pod is made out of all-food grade materials including the natural component, diatomaceous earth. The natural mineral composition of the ceramic pod adds minerals into water that lacks them- and absorbs excess minerals depending on the condition of the water. This process enhances the PH of the water making it more alkaline. The Go Pure Pod is the only water purifier that constantly purifies and preserves water. As long as it is rinsed regularly, one pod can work continuously for 6 months and can purify 264 gallons of water!

There is even a special Go Pure pod for your pet! The pod is encased in a small shell that has openings for the water to be pulled through and attaches to your pet’s water bowl with suction cups. The Go Pure Pet ensures that the water in the bowl is consistently being purified and stays fresh as long as the pod is in place. The Man’s Best Friend collection comes with one GoPure pod for yourself, one pod for your pet, and a GoPure glass water bottle for $60.

The Go Pure Water Purifier is a great on the go solution to keep your water clean, healthy, and tasting fresh. For more information on this amazing product go to www.gopurepod.com.

Spa in a Box CD Cover

Spa in a Box- $9.99

Harpist and composer Cymber Lily Quinn specializes in natured-based, healing, meditation music. Cymber, a reiki master, lives and plays the harp in San Jose, California. She is also a founding member of the Sparse & Awkward, a collective of professional harpists in the Bay Area. Her newest album, Spa in a Box, is a compilation of relaxing harp music. The title of the album says it all! It is great for creating a spa-like experience. This album is the perfect background music for anyone who enjoys yoga, meditation, taking bubble baths, or any other relaxing activities. It can also set the mood for a quiet day at home or in the office. Available on http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/cymberlilyquinn4

Inlight Skincare- $20-23

The Inlight skincare line is great 100% organic solution for addressing any skin concern on any type of skin. The only organic, ethically sourced, and potent ingredients used are food-grade cold-pressed oils, pure essential oils, herbs and beeswax.

Dr. Mariano Spiezia, Medical herbalist and skin expert at The Walsingham Natural Health Center in Turo, Italy, is the co-founder of Inlight Skincare. Dr. Spiezia was voted as one of the top 25 “Who’s who in natual beauty” in 2012, 2013, 2015, and 2016. He formulated The Bio-lipophilic Matrix ® which is a blend of organic, cold-pressed oils that have a high bio-chemical affinity to the lipidic layer of our skin. The oils go through a specific process using modern science and ancient tradition, that enhances their potency prior to formulation. This unique blend of oils is at the center of each and every Inlight Skincare product.

The three beautifully boxed kits make great gifts.

Inlight Try Me Kit Gift Box and Products

The Try Me collection ($20) includes trial sizes of their essential trio of products, Face Cleanser, Floral Face Tonic and Daily Face Oil.

Inlight Skincare Body Beautiful Kit Box and Products

The Body Beautiful Collection ($23) includes Body Oil with Arnica, Body Butter, Foot & Leg Balm, and Firm & Tone Oil.

Inlight Skin Care Indulgence Kit Box and Products

The Indulgence Collection ($23) includes the essential trio plus their Line Softener.

All products are vegetarian and the oils are vegan. All products are not tested on animals. The minimal packaging is recycled; the glass jars are 98% recycled. Shop online at inlight.com



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