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Ancient Eye Treatments new to The Chinese Health Center in Anthem, AZ


Anthem, AZ Chinese medical practitioner Y.M Chen, Ph.D, L.Ac., founder of The Chinese Health Center is focusing on Chinese ocular/eye medicine and getting great results for his patients. According to Chen” Chinese Ocular medicine is a very effective alternative treatment method for both acute and chronic eye dysfunction, such as dry eye syndrome, ocular migraine, ocular hypertension, glaucoma, macular degeneration, myopia and digital eye dysfunction (DEC) or Computer Vision Syndrome ( CVS). According to Chinese medical theory, our human eyes are closely related to our human organs, therefore, Chinese ocular medicine is also an important treatment approach for stroke rehabilitation, neurological impairment, internal disorders, psychosomatic dysfunctions and pain relief.”

The practice of Traditional Chinese Medicine has four branches: acupuncture, manipulative approaches, herbal remedy, and diet/exercise therapy. Each of these branches aims to improve the body’s overall healing process and promote an internal physical balance referred to as the Yin and Yang balance.

Years of researches have proved that Chinese acupuncture does increase the production of natural endorphins within the body, promote a healthy metabolism, adjust balance of internal Zhang-Fu (organs), and reduce pain and swelling. Thus restoring both mind and body balance and promoting internal and external healing.

Chinese Tuina (acupressure) or Cupping are conjunctional manipulative approaches that regenerate vital energy, promote blood circulation, and regulate body fluid through stimulating the acupoints, unblocking the meridians and removing and resolving excessive toxins within musculoskeletal and musculotendinous injury site.

Chinese herbal medicine are rooted in natural herbs. Plants, seeds, fruits, flowers, and leaves make up the herbal medicines, which are important element of the Chinese acupuncture care. These herbal medicine adjust internal zhang-Fu (organs), enhance the overall well being of an individual and target acute and chronic illness and pains. As a result, the body’s overall being is strengthened.

Besides all of above, a special diet/exercise is recommend for each person according to individual’s condition. These four steps of treatments team up to take actions to promote normal and natural healing process and therefore, speeding up the recovery.

In fact, patients often feel relaxed following their treatments a wonderful side benefit. While each individual condition requires alternating visiting frequencies, a typical plan consists of 6 or more treatments at weekly intervals. Most importantly there are no side effects since regular pharmaceutical drugs are not used. It also treats the underlying cause of the symptoms rather than merely masking them.

Chinese Health Center, Inc. has provided acupuncture care for psychosomatic disorders, neuromuscular and musculoskeletal pain as well as ocular issues for Scottsdale and Great Phoenix since 1996 and again for Anthem, North Phoenix, Cave Creek and its surrounding areas since 2007.

Acupuncture care is open to all ages ranging from children to elderly and to anyone who desires to achieve the better heath and better quality of life. Remember, preventive measure is the only key to stay healthy without being anxious to getting sick and premature-aging.

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