Common Eye Care Mistakes


From Our Publisher, Trina Becksted: We chose to share this article because we know how important protecting your eyes is, especially against aging. Please read on to learn more about some common mistakes you may be making concerning the protection of your eyes, and about the amazing Bedroom Eyes Eye Creme.

By: Bryant Rushing Beauty

The Three Rules of Eye Cream

1.  SIZE

Bigger is not better.  More is not more. The size of a grain of rice is all that is needed to treat the eye area! 


The ring finger is always the best for applying eye creme.  Why?  Because it is weak so you won’t put undue pressure while applying your eye creme.

At the outside corner of the eye, gently tap your eye creme under each eye, going toward the nose.  Then tap just under your brown bone from outside to the inside of the eye area.  However, stay away from inside of the nose area; you don’t need eye creme in the corners of your eyes!   These ingredients are not meant for IN your eyes! Not only that, but you can count on waking up with puffy eyes.

3.  WHEN

When to apply eye creme in your regimen? It should come before any AHAs, Retinoids, or Hydroquinone.  Here’s a tip that will warp-speed recovery of the parched eye area: Apply your night regimen well before you go to bed. The longer your eye cremes are on as well as all of your products, the more your skin will love you! 


Bedroom Eyes Eye Creme is a unique and delicate eye micro-emulsion with Multi-Vitamins and Peptides. This very silky, unscented formula is designed to revive, calm, tone, and brighten tired-looking, delicate tissue around the eye area!

Almond, Safflower, Olive, and Peach Kernel Oils, combined with Dimethicone and Shea Butter, protect the skin from moisture loss and provide nourishment to the eye area’s delicate skin!

Containing Glycosaminoglycans plays a crucial role in the cell signaling process, including regulation of cell growth, proliferation, promotion of cell adhesion, anticoagulation, and wound repair!

To this, add Retinyl Palmitate (Vitamin A), Tocopheryl (Vitamin E), Ascorbyl Palmitate, and Magnesium Ascorbyl Phosphate (Vitamin C) flood this tender skin with cellular renewal, calming inflammation and refining and brightening the skin!

Ginseng, Arnica, and Calendula Extracts soothe and heal the skin and act synergistically with  Pentapeptides to improve collagen and elastin production! 

This gentle emulsion reduces and slows the formation of new lines and wrinkles. It also helps to lighten dark circles and puffiness.  Continued use smoothes the look of the eye area and provides a coolness to the skin when applied!


One should stay 1/2 from under the eye area and apply only to the brow bone on the upper lid.  Applying eye cream too close to the eye will cause puffiness because that skin is micro-thin.  Let’s say, for instance, that the skin on the face is Typing Paper, the skin under the eye would be extra-fine tissue paper. 


Number One

Number One hands down is rubbing the eyes. 

I nearly faint when I see a client do this.  I watch as the years pile up under her fingers and if I can compose myself, I gently remove her hands from her eyes.  Then I give her the Cheryl Stare.

Number Two

When clients tell me they use Kleenex™ to remove eye makeup, I want to chew on rocks.

Don’t use Kleenex™ for anything except blowing your nose!  Made of wood fibers, it leaves micro scratches in the skin.  Because I generally wear a lot of eye makeup, I’ll use a Neutrogena™ Eye Makeup Remover cloth to get off mascara and the inner eye pencil.  Then I cleanse my face with my Naturally Clean Cleansing Oil and apply a small amount around my eyes to remove eye shadow and brow pencil and then use the French Facial Cloth to smooth the residue off.

Number Three

Thinking your face moisturizer is a good eye creme. 

No. And No.  Everything about that is wrong. Again, an example: If your face were a Wedgwood dinner plate, it would love a gourmet entree,  But since your eye area is a Baccarat liquor stem,  it wants Crème de Fraise. Now I’m hungry.

Number Four

Squashing your face into your pillow. 

The eyes pay most dearly for this beauty assassination. I’ll admit, I allow myself 20 seconds of this sin when I get into bed and first lay down on my pillow.  Then, with great effort, I adjust my pillow to do what it is supposed to do:  Give me a good night’s sleep and treat my face to the skin-saving benefits of the silk pillowcase on it.  So while we’re at it, trade your cotton pillowcase for silk.  Even satin.  Cotton is a wrinkle meister.    

Number Five

Squinting in the sun.

If I could design sunglasses, they would wrap around your head.  I had some pairs that did just that back in the nineties—drugstore variety, ten dollars or so.  But UVA and UVB perfect, and they came in five colors.  My daughter, Katie, walked behind me when I wore them.  She said they made me look like a fly.  So What.  Don’t go for fashion, go for protection.  Not only will you stop crow’s feet, but you’ll prevent cataracts. Not a bad deal.

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