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“Beet” The Competition With The New Beet Performers


Review of Beet Performer: Performance-Enhancing Body Fuel

These Beet Performers are great products for those of us who want PURE nutrition on the go. I got news of these new products and tried several of them. I have loved beets since I was a child and used to request them. My love affair hasn’t waned but the thought of getting beets, peeling them, cooking, cutting and ingesting is a LOT of work. This and not to mention, kiss of death to anything we wear that is white, since beet juice is indelible at least for me it is! Don’t get me wrong, its exquisite color was the source of magenta in the glorious Renaissance paintings I admire. It’s a favorite color of mine.

These products are readily accessible at quality vitamin shops and major food chains like Sprouts and Whole Foods. Beets are bursting with naturally occurring nitrates. When consumed, a chain reaction occurs in the body that converts these nitrates into nitric oxide (NO) – a molecule that improves oxygen and blood flow throughout the body.

Nitric oxide has two major effects on an athlete. The first is that it causes blood vessels to dilate, enhancing blood and oxygen flow throughout the brain, heart, and muscles. At the same time, it makes the mitochondria more efficient so they are able to create the same energy while consuming less oxygen. This is a powerful combination that helps the body extend endurance and improve intensity levels during exercise. Whether your intensity level is running after your 3 year old or just engaging in meetings at the office, beet performers will hep you with the task. Check out more about Beet Performer Here and feel the boost of energy. My favorites are the ones with B12 and Pomegranate.

Review by Trina Becksted of CloudNine Marketing Inc.
Trina Becksted

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