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Increase Productivity and Clarity Through Mindfulness


by Marni Setless: Intuitive- Energy Healer-Medium

Most people search for ways to gain more clarity and productivity at work as well as in life, yet are resistant to trying a mindfulness practice.

And it is so common to feel resistant to change.  Here are some common resistances to a mindfulness practice:

  • struggling with mind chatter
  • concerns about doing it “right”
  • too many rules
  • don’t have time
  • tried it and it was uncomfortable
  • tried it, enjoyed it and then didn’t get same results next time
  • did it for awhile and then missed once or twice and couldn’t get back to it
  • not sure where to begin
  • too woo woo
  • uncomfortable sitting in lotus position


It surprises people when they find out none of these resistances hold water.  Mindfulness is a practice NOT a perfect.  Practice meaning some days are easier and more in flow than others kind of like the weather.  Some days it’s humid, or windy, or rainy, or cloudy, or a mixture.

Mindfulness practice is a journey to spend time quietly with one’s self.  Yes, mind chatter or monkey mind diminish over time, though some days not so much.


What is mind chatter?


Mind chatter is the perceived noise inside someone.  It can be thoughts, lots of them or just a few.  It is often known as the Ego/Fear/Critical voice/Inner Critic.

And it is there for a reason.  It provides protection.  It keeps people safe. Safe from running out in traffic.  Safe from placing a hand on a hot stove top.  And it doesn’t stop talking until death.

Giving into this voice constantly is what creates stress and fear in the body.  Resisting this voice also creates stress and fear in the body.  Trying to quiet this voice completely is next to impossible for most people.  And it serves a purpose.

Giving this voice gratitude and acceptance allows for this voice to become quieter at times so the Heart/Intuitive voice can be heard.  And allows for more trust in the heart.  And with any mindfulness practice, allowing the thought to come in without resistance and without focusing on it, is what provides the clarity and the quieting.

So mind chatter will never completely stop.  Though there can be moments of quiet with practice, practicing gratitude and choice with the fear voice, and discernment of what to focus on.  And then there is monkey mind.


What is the Monkey Mind?


Monkey mind is like mind chatter in that it is distracting, can be stressful and keeps the mind chatter going.  It is the mind pinging and ponging back and forth to the “to do” list; worries; memories; and such.

Some days people have more going on than others.  And for multi-taskers it can be even harder as the amount being juggled is considerable.  All of this is normal, typical and common.  Again, choosing not to focus on each of these thoughts will help quiet them though not completely deter them from being.


And that is okay.


At the beginning of starting a mindfulness practice, monkey mind can happen every time until finding a rhythm that works.  And even then, some days, it’s just about sitting quietly for a few minutes and giving the self space. The expectation that it will be the same each time can lead to disillusionment and disappointment.

The weather is different each day as are feelings in people’s bodies and their lives. So too can a mindfulness practice yield different results each day.

Some days the monkey mind and mind chatter is loud and nothing else gets through.  Other days it is a dull hum and the inner voice speaks volumes.  Other days the mind is drawn to an answer to a question and the answer is calming and clear.  Yet most days the benefits of clarity and increased productivity find their home.


What possibilities and benefits come from a mindfulness practice?


Just as a good night’s sleep provides a feeling of restfulness and clarity, mindfulness can provide a taste of that same restful clarity. When rested or giving the brain space, there is opportunity to see more than black and white possibilities.  And seeing more than 2 possibilities creates hope.

And even with the thoughts still coming in, the opportunity for space from the rest of life gives a minute to stop the swirling or get off the train.  That simple act helps poise the brain towards clarity of a situation or in the body whether it be physically, mentally, emotionally or spiritually.

One way to determine more clarity is to do a self check prior to mindfulness.  It takes but a few minutes to check in with the body’s feelings: physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually; making note.


And then after mindfulness, do another check in.  Note any shifts, anything that stayed the same.  There is almost always a shift of some kind.


With a consistent practice this “quiet time” can:

  • Lower blood pressure and heart rate; aids hypertension
  • Increase self-esteem and help rewire the brain
  • Bring about a feeling of restedness
  • Provide calm and inner peace
  • Increase restfulness for sleep; relieve insomnia
  • Lower cortisol levels brought on by stress
  • Deepen relaxation
  • Boost immune system health
  • Aid managing anxiety
  • Boost mood/depression
  • Aids when dealing with addiction, adhd, ptsd and autism
  • Lead to increased focus and productivity


Who wouldn’t want to have access to all these powerful improvements in their lives?

For as little as 5 minutes and sometimes even 2 minutes a day, clients find a mindfulness practice leads not only to peace and clarity, but increased focus.

And with clarity and focus, increased productivity naturally follows.


What else follows?


With more of an inner calm even when inside and outside may be swirling, happiness and joy can be tapped into with more ease. This leads to more fun experiences.

As self-confidence and self-love increase through a natural brain rewiring, energy around people changes, drawing new and different experiences into their life.  The energetic vibes of people with a consistent practice rise consistently over time.

The challenge of mindfulness is more about the resistance to change and the expectation of what their practice should look like or be like than anything else.

Some clients like and need structure.  So a group or a specific style works well.  Some need guidance to discover their own style, what is liked and not feel a need to conform to “all the rules”.  And some need this same guidance to give themselves permission that it doesn’t have to be “sit in lotus position for two hours and chant” to open up possibilities of way to work this in to their lifestyle.

Like one client who found a ritual centering around washing dishes was the quiet time needed to get in the “zone” as she put it.  Or the client who memorized prayers as part of the ritual for each mile of their daily run.  Each of these methods works for these people and fits within their lifestyles.

Once developing a style that works uniquely for an individual and they use it consistently, the results and shifts in life are powerfully miraculous.

And the results draw each person to continue and make it part of their daily routine.  Who wouldn’t want to feel more clear, focused and be more productive?



Marni Setless: Intuitive – Energy Healer – Medium


I dream and believe in a world of acceptance and love; accepting and loving my own perfect imperfections and yours while you accept and love yourselves, each other and me, perfectly imperfectly.


I help people move from feelings of self-doubt, feeling stuck, life dissatisfaction or physical or emotional pain, and into living life where you feel happier, more pleasure and satisfaction in your life (life prosperity), loving yourself deeply and both feeling and seeing how your own deepening love & acceptance changes your life.  When I touch someone, you feel the energy going through you. I partner on a soul level with people guiding you to become aware, heal, release and let go of what you don’t want AND transform yourself and your life creating physical and emotional healing, feeling happier and more deep love, moving towards living your heart’s desire.


I am incredibly insightful picking up on the subtle underbellies of issues that may be plaguing you.  Some you may not be aware of. I have a knack of perceiving things others may not sense. I am also direct and to the point with what I receive while conveying this information with love and grace. I can help address concerns that may be getting in the way of having the life you want to have.



For the last 20 years, I extensively studied and practiced meditation, energy healing, journaling, blogging, yoga, spirituality, mediumship, intuition, chakras, Reiki, yin empowerment, crystals, sound healing, clearing spaces, tarot, art, shamanism, public speaking and leadership training. I experienced sweat lodges, drumming journeys and acupuncture. I fuse my experience into Intuitive Readings, Energy healing and Mediumship as tools helping my clients transform their lives.  My story ( lead and inspired me, creating who I am today and my mission to help people feel more amazing inside and feel deep love for themselves.


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