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Make Your Own Natural Sunscreen Using Zinc Oxide


Make Your Own Natural Sunscreen and Avoid Chemicals In Store Bought Sunscreens.

Sun protection is extremely important to protect against harmful UV-rays and to prevent skin cancer, next time you pick out your sunscreen, consider what you’re buying. Many common sunscreens contain chemicals that can be harmfulto you and your body. Using natural sunscreens you can avoid many harmful chemicals.

Look out for and Avoid these chemicals when you read the labels:
Retinol palmitate
Padimate O/PABA
Nano or Micronized mineral particles
There are several easy ways to make effective and natural homemade sunscreen.

Natural Ingredients:
1 oz. Coconut oil
.8 oz. Shea butter
.1 oz. Jojoba oil or sunflower oil
30 drops ( 15 of each) Eucalyptus and lavender essential oils
.1 oz Vitamin E oil
Zinc oxide
The amount of zinc oxide you choose to use will determine the amount of SPF and how strong your sunscreen is. For more than SPF 20, use 20% zinc oxide and for SPF 12-19 use 15% zinc oxide.

Directions: The first step is to combine coconut oil, shea butter and jojoba/sesame/sunflower oil into a Pyrex measuring up. You will then make a double boiler by placing the Pyrex inside a pot filled with 2-3 inches of water. Heat on low until the shea butter is melted and then remove from double boiler and let cool. After cooled, wear a mask to cover your nose and mouth when you measure out the zinc oxide to avoid inhaling fine particles. Add the zinc oxide, Vitamin E oil and essential oils to the original mixture and stir until ingredients are mixed. The last step is to pour the mixture into a dark jar and refrigerate.

Homemade sunscreen can last for around 6 months and should be refrigerated after use. Apply generously to skin and reapply every few hours while during periods of sun exposure.


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