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New Advances for Men Suffering with E. D. in 2017


By Maddie Santiago


Erectile Dysfunction, or impotence, is not exactly a topic most men want to discuss or even think about. However, it is more common than most people think and can dramatically affect a man’s life. Learning the facts surrounding this topic is an important part of maintaining men’s health.

Erectile Dysfunction affects nearly 50% of men over the age of 40. Experts estimate that it affects 18 to 30 million men in the United States. There is a large variation in the statistic because, due to embarrassment about the subject, ED often goes under diagnosed. Not every man experiences the same issues with ED. Some men have consistent difficulty achieving an erection, while others encounter complications sporadically, and some only have trouble sustaining an erection long enough for sexual activity. In any case, it can be a bothersome issue for the afflicted men.

Although we’ve heard that erectile dysfunction is a natural part of the male aging process, this is not true. It is true that ED is more common as men get older; however, it can happen to 20 year olds as well. Some medical conditions, like obesity, diabetes, kidney disease, high blood pressure, or heart disease, can increase risk of developing ED. Cigarette smoking and recreational drug use are also risk factors.

Erectile dysfunction is a physiological medical issue, not psychological. But then again, it can lead to many emotional problems. ED can cause men to have low self-esteem and may even lead to depression. While ED has no effect on hormonal sexual desire, men often avoid intercourse due to fear of underperformance and inadequacy. It can also affect partners. It can leave them feeling that it is somehow their fault, making them feel unloved, which can cause stress and tension in a relationship.

Now, inability to preform does not always mean that a man has erectile dysfunction. Contrary to popular belief, men are not always able to have sex. Stress, anxiety, fatigue, personal life problems, and other things can affect a man’s ability to perform sexually. Also, just like women, they can simply not be in the mood for sex. If a man is unable to achieve an erection sometimes, it’s perfectly normal. However, if problems occur more than 25% of the time, it may be time to have a talk with a doctor.

For those that think they may be afflicted, a lifestyle change may be able to help. For people that are not of the best health, making some changes such as losing weight, quitting smoking, and living a healthier lifestyle can reduce factors that lead to ED. Doctors recommend these changes before attempting to prescribe any medications or treatments.

Erectile dysfunction is a medical problem and can be treated by a doctor. However, for those looking for a more holistic approach, there are other options than prescriptions like Viagra and Cialis. GAINSWave™ is a new, remarkable, and innovative erectile dysfunction treatment. This new procedure is performed with an FDA cleared device that uses acoustic, pulsed, energy waves to increase blood flow to the penis. The natural holistic treatment is non-invasive, pain free, has no side effects, and does not incorporate medicines or shots.

Since blood flow is the key to erectile functioning, GAINSWave™ works by using mild energy waves to open up aging blood vessels and stimulate the growth of new blood vessels. This improved blood flow results in stronger, harder, and longer lasting erections. Studies have shown that this process results in better treatment of ED over Viagra and Cialis. GAINSWave™ Therapy is a powerful approach to significant improve the lives of those with ED.

While GAINSWave™ plans to offer the treatment throughout the United States, they currently have locations in Miami, Chicago, Seattle, and Portland. For more information on this holistic treatment visit


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