Yogmata Keiko Aikawa

How to live a better life: With meditation master Yogmata Aikawa

Yogmata Keiko Aikawa is a renowned meditation master, known as the first non-Indian woman to achieve “Samadhi”, a state of intense concentration where one develops a oneness with God. After undergoing rigorous and intense training in the Himalayas, she was able to achieve ultimate enlightenment. She now resides in Japan, but takes part in leading many in person and online webinars and workshops to help others achieve this enlightenment as well.

In this Q&A, you will learn more about Himalayan secret meditations, how to meditate and think better, and how to live a much more wholesome life.

Q: Can you delve a little bit more into anugraha shakti, and how humans can interact with it and use it to heal each other?

Anugraha, put simply, is the grace of God. It is a pure energy from heaven and only the Himalayan saints, known as Siddha masters, can handle it. This is because they have purified their body and mind, transcended death, connected with God and become one with Him. Siddha masters have become pure energy, or “sattva”. The essence of Siddha Masters is pure and the vibration radiated from them is pure. When the Siddha Masters touch something with their hands, Anugraha shakti is transmitted. 

It is inherently difficult to raise your awareness by yourself. It’s a miracle that some people have already achieved Samadhi and can share their energy to raise our consciousness and share the blessing of Anugraha.  

By connecting with and believing in the Siddha Masters, they can serve as a bridge between you and God. 

If you receive an energy transfer, or a “Diksha”, from the Siddha Master, the Siddha Master becomes a conductor for God. When the Siddha Master gives a blessing, the energy inside you awakens and is purified. When you receive Diksha, you can be connected with the master and receive the Anugraha. By receiving Anugraha, you will experience the evolution of your consciousness. You will be purified, attachments of your mind will disappear, and your consciousness will elevate. 

Unlike the energy transmission of a healer, the energy of Siddha Master who has reached ultimate Samadhi is pure and without ego. Therefore it can purify people. The bond deepens as the person believes in the Himalayan saints and in God. 

Everyone’s individual soul was separated from the big Soul, the Supreme God.

This allows humans the possibility to connect with God through energy. To create a universe, God has a mysterious power that has a high form of energy. Most people cannot connect to this high energy because their mind is clouded by stress. The grace of Anugraha cannot occur.

But if you receive an initiation from a Siddha master and start practicing meditation, your body and mind can and will be purified. This Himalayan Siddha meditation includes the secret method of Kriya meditation, mantra meditation and ‘drastabawa’, which facilitates awareness. Moreover, the touch of Siddha Masters purifies the cloud of your mind. The more you believe in the Siddha master, the less cloudy it will be. By employing these meditations and believing in the Siddha master, you will be purified and you will be able to receive the benefits of Anugraha.

At my training and seminars, I will initiate the secret methods to reduce stress. In your transformation, you will get rid of your suffering and reach enlightenment. You will become the best version of yourself.

By connecting to the ultimate Samadhi Master with Diksha and practicing daily meditation, you will gradually purify yourself and strengthen your connection to God as well as the Siddha Master. Anugraha will shower on you. If you meditate and pray for the happiness of others with a purified and empty mind, you can spread better energy and make the world peaceful.


Q: How does meditation differ in the US and in different people from other parts of the world? How can that affect people’s mindsets?

Since the United States is a scientific country, I think that more of a scientific meditation is common. This being said, a prayer may be meditative if it is in another region or country with different religions. 

I think it’s better to instead focus on yourself, as each individual has the potential to meditate strongly.

There is an essence that keeps one’s body and mind alive. We call it God. Young people are less likely to believe in God, but there ARE invisible beings who created the universe. No matter how smart a person becomes, no matter how smart their technique is, they cannot create the universe. So we need to respect and appreciate nature. 

People think that they can do anything with their mind and body. You may not feel tired when you are young, but eventually, you will get exhausted and anxious, which leads to suffering.

 As your desires grow deeper and you envy various things and cannot obtain what you want, you suffer. Our mind is selfish and always wants something.

How should we live?

We must return to God through meditation. Calm your mind, calm your body, and go back to our original source. Get to know yourself. The essence of such meditation is not just relaxing, but learning the truth. You can become the best version of yourself and get the quality of God. And together, we will give it back to society. 

You are creative and have a great power with a peaceful mind. It is full of power, full of love, and we can awaken our greatest humanity.

Q: You are a renowned authority on meditation practices, thanks to you working to achieve Samadhi. What led you to desire to undergo rigorous training to attain this?

When I was a child, I was attracted to temples and monks in their purest form. My mother practiced Japanese Shinto and Buddhist teachings vigorously. I had caught a glimpse of my mother performing good deeds because of her religious beliefs. I had a monk teacher when I was a junior high school student who told us to act with awareness. 

When I was 18 years old, when my health took a turn for the worse, I encountered yoga and learned that it was meant to help us meet God.

What were we born for? What should we do with our lives? 

We all want to know the answers to these questions. 

In order to become happy and live a comfortable life, we have created material conveniences. As a result, our lives have become prosperous. We have made things to convenience our hands such as sewing machines and typewriters. We have created things to convenience our ears such as radios and telephones. We have created things to convenience our eyes such as cameras and televisions. We have created things to convenience our legs such as cars, trains, and airplanes. Our desires have led us to create various wonderful things that are convenient in our lives.

 And although they are wonderful, they don’t fill our heart with happiness on a deep level. While they are fun, we have to leave all of our conveniences in this world when we die. 

Our obsession with material objects causes stress and drains our energy. Our mind and body become exhausted. We must change this way of life, especially in 2020. We must enhance our life force and develop the abundance of strength from our body and mind, not from these conveniences. There are a lot of things in the outer world that we can focus on, but they are not as major an issue as what is inside of us.

 What should we do to change our way of life? 

A while ago, I was thinking about these matters. Then I became aware of my health and my body’s balance. I realized that the mind is more important than the body. But I wanted to meet something even more important than that: the truth.

While I initially learned a lot on this mission to discover the truth, something was missing. I was learning various techniques separately. “Do this like this, do that like that, this diet is good, this health management method is good, we should treat our mind this way and such and such.” I was tired from having to travel all over the place to learn different things. 

Then I met Pilot Babaji. He is a Himalayan saint and asked me to go to the Himalayas. And I went. I thought the Himalayan secret teachings would help me discover the truth and make me a more whole person. Himalayan saints have explored the path to true enlightenment. They have conducted a training to develop a oneness with our Creator. They have immersed into Samadhi, the ultimate enlightenment, and become one with God.  

I was greedy and wanted to know everything. I wanted to achieve the highest enlightenment. I thought that I would be able to learn the truth and figure out whose opinions in this world were correct and whose weren’t. 

I came to realize that to grow as a human, it was important to help develop others, so I started educating yoga instructors. 

I was thinking about better ways to transform others, since I felt a responsibility towards mentoring them. Even though I told people to express gratitude, nobody followed my instructions. I thought that I had to realize a higher truth to transform others. I thought that I had to know everything to make people happy. I felt that I had to improve myself to become a person who could handle any situation. I thought only enlightenment enabled this and I wanted to know the truth.

Q: What’s your key methodology for developing a sustainable meditation practice? What do you do to help others become purer?

Our body is a small universe. Within everyone’s body and mind, they have God deep inside. By truly realizing this, you will be free from all suffering. The Himalayan secret teachings aim for this truth. 

I want you to realize that you are a wonderful person, who can perform good deeds and achieve true growth. I want you to meditate not only to relax the mind you have overused, but to have a broader perspective for others and contribute to mankind.

In order to polish and help others realize the truth with this practice, I teach meditation. But really, I teach you how to live. I give lectures, publish books, and initiate you with the secret meditation methods that allow you to experience deep meditation, aiming for a deep and secret enlightenment.

 And I will guide you well so that you do not get tired of meditation. The Himalayan Siddha meditation that I practice and teach transforms you, giving you power so that you won’t be bored. You will be able to do various jobs better.

 The Himalayan Siddha meditation is used for enlightenment, growth, and achieving true happiness in this world. Together, we can handle anything. We will guide you step by step. 

I will bestow upon you a mantra.

It is the secret vibration of sound. Step by step, you will be purified through Shakti Pat in the Diksha ceremony.

The first ceremony is called the Guardian Diksha, in which I bestow upon you a mantra which cleanses your karma and protects you.

In the second Diksha, I will bestow upon you a mantra that purifies the inner body and enables you to improve your social life.

Then in the third Diksha, I will bestow upon you a mantra which purifies your astral body. 

Next, I will bestow upon you a mantra which brings wisdom. 

Later, I will bestow upon you a mantra to pray for the ancestors or to aim for enlightenment. I will then teach the enlightenment mantra.

 Believe in yourself, and further fulfill your human relationships: your relationship with your mother and father, relationship with society, relationship with yourself, relationship with your childhood, relationship with your past life, and relationship with your ancestors. Fulfill your wishes, and become what you want to be. Further aim for ultimate enlightenment.

We will do all these, but by aiming for enlightenment, all of your wishes can come true. I will teach you step by step. We offer direct workshops as well as web workshops.

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