Baby holding lights under a Christmas tree

Wishing You A Fresh Christmas!


Photo courtesy of Jan Hauenstein.


From the Publisher Trina Becksted  for Holistic Healing News.

Greetings everyone! I am all about keeping the “Christ” in Christmas.  It is essential to note that it is about the Christ Mind which, could be interpreted as the Buddha or Muhammad, Moses, Father Abraham mind I am referring to.

This is a reference to the Ascended Master and it’s very inclusive of all faiths and beliefs. This said, I returned to my home in Scottsdale last week, after visiting my lovely birthplace (in the outer burbs of Cleveland), I was filled with magical moments and 40 years of memories shared with friends and family there.

This image is of baby Madison is precious. She is so fresh faced, and this is why I chose it for our cover image.  She appears more like a Christmas Angel, so innocent and full of wonder. She is the grand neice of my dearest friend, Jan Hauenstein. Jan told me Madison was born this past Feb. 15th, nearly a Valentine’s baby. This is her first Christmas!

Christmas time can evoke and stir up memories, some fond and others not so much.  It is a gift if we just be with these memories that create feelings. They are by their definition not really real though as they are in the past. This year, I invite you all to see this Christmas with a fresh face. As if it is your first Christmas. Know that we are all of this one “Christ Mind” and have the ability to see things differently…with a fresh face. This will allow us to realize the present and the gifts that it brings to us…each breath at a time.

So if you are over the top busy or bah humbugging, as some of the guys are (we ladies may be too busy with holiday planning) ask yourself, “what would it take for me to dump any baggage and see all of this holiday experience differently? What would it take for me to see my family with a fresh face and discard the heavy burdens that have weighted me down like stones in my heart?” This way we can lighten up and see each other with a fresh face. We can be the light of the world and help others remember theirs. It certainly can get you in a higher vibration and this is always a good thing. 😉

To all of our readers and their loved ones: wishing you the joy, merriment, and fun of Christmas, Hanukah, and every blessing for this holiday season.

Much healthy abundance, wisdom, and peace for a FANTASTIC 2017!!

In Joy, Trina  Publisher Trina Becksted

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