“Yoga Pose”: The Largest Free Digital Library of Yoga Poses


At Holistic Healing News, we are always excited to share research-based information about ways to help or ease both mental and physical illnesses. We would like to introduce Yoga Pose, the largest free digital library of yoga poses searchable by symptom. Users are able to search the Yoga Pose database on whatever ailment they are experiencing.

For example, search “Yoga poses for back pain,” or “Yoga poses for depression,” and Yoga Pose will provide a full list of specific poses that will help soothe related symptoms. Each yoga pose profile features an easy-to-follow Yoga Pose video, medical information, and related flows. Yoga Pose is “pay-per-practice,” with each session being only 99 cents, without having to commit to a standard subscription.

Unlike many yoga and wellness platforms, Yoga Pose strictly works with esteemed yoga professionals and medical experts to create research-based, informational content that the yoga community can trust.

Additionally, their website is a supportive environment for those researching yoga and wellness. They feature a mix of daily inspirational and informational content that is written from both personal experiences and based on medical research, providing the most credible and accessible yoga-centric content on the web.

Check out their website and start your journey toward a holistic approach to mental health here: https://yogapose.com/about

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